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As a wholly-owned enterprise of People Holding Group, headquartered in Yueqing, Zhejiang Province, People Electric Appliance Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "People Electric") has been ranked among China's Top 500 Enterprises and China's Top 500 Machinery Enterprises for many years, and has won the National Quality Award and China Quality Prize Nomination Award. We are also the world's leading provider of system solutions for the whole industry chain of intelligent power equipment. As a customer-focused enterprise, we rely on the People 5.0 Platform Ecosystem and the smart grid ecosystem to develop efficient, reliable,technology-intensive high and low voltage smart electrical equipment, complete sets of smart electrical equipment, ultra-high voltage transformers, smart homes, green energy and other electrical equipment, so that the advantages of the whole industry chain integrating power generation, storage, transmission,transformation, distribution, sales and use can be formed, thus providing comprehensive system solutions for industries such as intelligent power grids, intelligent manufacturing, intelligent buildings, industrial systems, intelligent fire protection, and new energy. In this way, we are about to achieve green, low-carbon, sustainable and high-quality development. We have 35 wholly-owned subsidiaries, 150 holding companies, more than 1,500 cooperative processing companies and more than 5,000 sales companies around the world. With products sold to more than 125 countries and regions around the world, we have established branches in more than 50 countries in East Asia, the Middle East, North America, and the European Union.

Zheng Yuanbao, male, Han nationality. Born in Yueqing City, Zhejiang Province,he is now a senior economist, and Chairman of People Electric Appliance Group Co., Ltd.
Mr. Zheng has been elected as a deputy to the National People's Congress, a member of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference and an executive member of the All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce,Vice Chairman of Jiangxi Federation of Industry and Commerce (General Chamber of Commerce), Vice Chairman of Jiangxi People's Congress Standing Committee,Vice Chairman of Jiangxi Society for Promotion of Guangcai Program. He has won the titles of Excellent Entrepreneur of Wenzhou City, Excellent Entrepreneur of Zhejiang Province, Meritorious Entrepreneur, Model Worker, Excellent Entrepreneur of China, Top 10 Economic Figures of China, Top 10 Business Thinkers of China, Top 10 CEOs of China, 35 Outstanding Figures in 35 Years of China's Reform and Opening-up, etc. Now he is Chairman of Wenzhou Machinery Industry Federation, Vice Chairman of Shanghai Jiading District Federation of Industry and Commerce (General Chamber of Commerce), Vice Chairman of Zhejiang Private Economy Association, Chairman of Zhejiang Electrical Industry Association, Member of All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce Poverty Alleviation Working Committee, and Chinese Executive Chairman of RCEP Electric Industry Cooperation Committee.


P=people       People, customer, create the maximum value for customer
E=exploring    Exploration, innovation, never stopping exploration, innovation forever
O=opportunity  opportunity, good luck, catch opportunity in time, opportunity for everyone
P=perfect      Perfect. excellence, continue progress, pursue  excellence
L=learning     Learning, sharing, establish study-type organization
E=expectancy   expectancy, perspective,  build common perspective, strive for cause

Core Value
People electric serves for people 
Corporation vision
To become a worldwide famous electric appliance enterprise. 
Corporation mission
To provide safer electric product for the people of the world. 
Corporation spirit
United, strive, explore, innovate. 
Corporation Target
To be a worldwide famous Chinese  Brand. To be a company of World Top 500. 
Culture Core
Be smooth on the surface, but firm at heart. Be low-keyed, but in strength.

So broad to combine all just as the sea containing numerous rivers. We shall learn the spirit of “great form is beyond shape and contains multitudes” when behaving ourselves, working and running the enterprise. If we cannot control unbounded personality, we will meet many obstacles. Once making too many strong enemies, we will be involved into failures.
“Great sound is voiceless, great form is beyond shape. Advocating nature and coexistence” is a state and bearing held by an excellent enterprise, and also a cultural pursuit and value orientation that a national enterprise must own.
The organization needs to learn the pioneering spirit of the wolf: free and unconstrained, tough and strong; the enterprise needs to carry forward the team spirit of the wolf: staying realistic and pragmatic, being wholehearted for the team work.
We will obtain the persistent entrepreneurial spirit, steer the fierce market competition flexibly and tactfully, take the bull by the horns and become invincible only if we always keep the sense of crisis of “cry wolf”

Every resource of the enterprise is like a single pearl, resource integration is to link every single pearl together by the most tension mainline, and let all pearls become a whole.

People Electric Appliance Group uses a strong brand power, scientifically integrates all kinds of valuable resources, to motivate the staff creativity, innovation and value, by using talents to the fullest, making the best use of everything and to do its best, the whole team is like pearl chain tightly connected and shining bright light around the world.

Employees are green leaves who complete the process of photosynthesis. Cadres at middle and high levels are stems who support the hope of growth. Board of directors is root that absorbs nutrients and moisture. The three are integrated to make the great tree soar above with luxuriant foliage for human benefits.
Work hand in hand to achieve win-win results and create lofty values. It is the soul of the corporate culture rooted in the hearts of the people that love the hearts of all people and gather the talents of the world.
China's Top 500 EnterprisesWorld's Top 500 Machinery Enterprises China Quality Prize Nomination Award National Science and Technology Progress Award The national Torch Program project Zhejiang Provincial Government Quality Award China's 500 Most Valuable Brands China's Top 500 Private Enterprises China's Top 200 Most Profitable Enterprises China's Top 200 Enterprises for Tax Payment China's Top 100 Most Competitive Enterprises China's Top 50 Most Competitive Private Enterprises Contract-honoring and Promise-keeping Enterprises of China China's Most Satisfactory Enterprises China's Most Satisfactory Products Grade I Urban and Road Lighting Engineering Contractors ISO 14001 Environmental Management System, ISO 45001 Occupational Health & Safety Management System, and ISO 9001 Quality Management System Certified Enterprises Material Suppliers of State Grid Corporation of China Material Suppliers of China National Petroleum Corporation Material Suppliers of China Petrochemical Corporation Material Suppliers of China Minmetals Corporation Material Suppliers of China Energy Engineering Group Co., Ltd. Material Suppliers of China Southern Power Grid Co., Ltd. Material Suppliers of China Communications Services Corporation Limited Material Suppliers of Inner Mongolia Electric Power (Group) Co. Ltd Material Suppliers of Shenzhen Hengda Material Equipment Co., Ltd. Material Suppliers of China Railway Material Trade Group Shenzhen Co., Ltd. Ministry of Commerce and STAQ and NET Recommended Enterprises Enterprises Trusted by People's Insurance Company of china (PICC).
In November 1996, People Electric Zhejiang Branch was established. In June 1997, People Electric became a large cross-regional group. In November 1998, People Electric carried out shareholding reform of more than 60 subordinate enterprises, and established seven major holding subsidiaries. In April 1999, People Electric officially formally built its High-Tech Industrial Park, which covers an area of 75 mu. In November 1999, leaders of People Electric went to Shanghai for investigation and established a subsidiary there in January 2000. In May 2000, People Electric was awarded the title of Zhejiang Provincial High-tech Enterprise. In June 2001, People Electric successfully merged with Jiangxi Transformer Equipment General Factory, the second largest state-owned enterprise in the domestic power transmission and transformation equipment industry, and realized its expansion into the power transmission and transformation equipment industry. In August 2002, People Electric ranked 11th on the list of China's Top 500 Private Enterprises released by the the All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce in 2001. In January 2003, the People Electric Committee of the Communist Party of China was established. In August 2003, People Electric ranked 228th on the list of China's Top 500 Enterprises released in 2003. In April 2004, People Electric Hebei Xingang International Logistics Co., Ltd. was officially listed, which covers an area of 1,277 mu with a total investment of 5 billion yuan. In June 2004, the World Brand Congress 2004 and China's 500 Most Valuable Brands Conference was held in Beijing, and People Electric was ranked 185th on the list with a brand value of 3.239 billion yuan. In July 2004, People Electric ranked 32nd on China's Top 500 Machinery Enterprises List released in 2003. In October 2004, People Electric became one of the first batch of enterprises that was awarded the title of China's Outstanding Private Enterprises. In January 2005, People Electric invested 800 million yuan to set up a high-voltage and ultra-high voltage power transformer industrial park in Nanchang, Jiangxi Province. In August 2005, People Electric, jointly with SAE and WAE, won the second prize of the National Science and Technology Progress Award for the project titled “Key Technologies and Applications of Testing, Simulation and Regulation of Air Dielectric Arc”. In November 2005, People Electric Shanghai Branch invested more than 50 million yuan to develop the products of cross-linked polyethylene insulated high-voltage cables with rated voltage of 110KV and below and put them into production, becoming the second manufacturer in Shanghai to introduce, develop and produce 110KV cross-linked polyethylene insulated high-voltage cables. In January 2006, People Electric's Trademark was recognized as a well-known trademark of China by the State Administration for Industry and Commerce. In November 2006, People Electric made donations to the Guangcai School on its 10th anniversary held in the Great Hall of the People in Beijing. In September 2007, People Electric donated 10 million yuan to China Society for Promotion of the Guangcai Program to establish People Electric Charity Fund. In October 2007, People Electric became the supplier of electrical equipment for Lunar Exploration Program (Chang'e Project) of Xichang Satellite Launch Center (XSLC). In October 2007, People Electric successfully won the bid for Thai An Hydropower Station, the largest hydropower project of Vietnam, becoming the first general contractor of a Chinese private enterprise to develop hydropower projects across borders. In May 2008, the cadres and workers of People Electric contributed to the earthquake-stricken areas in Sichuan, raising a total of 10 million yuan and more than 8,000 sets of clothes. In September 2008, People Electric provided financial support for “Shenzhou VII” program and made positive contributions to the first spacewalk of Chinese astronauts. In November 2008, People Electric won the National Quality Award, the highest award in the field of quality in China. On March 17, 2009, People Electric was awarded the title of the “Most Influential Brand in China's Electrical Industry”. In July 2009, the 220KV rectifier transformer developed by People Electric was launched in Nanchang, which is by far the largest power transformer in China in terms of current overload capacity. In July 2009, the inauguration ceremony of the People Electric Ultra-high Voltage Power Transformer Manufacturing Base with a total investment of 1.8 billion yuan and covering an area of more than 1,000 mu, was held in Nanchang, Jiangxi Province, which marks that the Group has realized the strategic transformation from low-voltage to high-voltage and ultra-high voltage fields. In March 2010, People Electric's “PEOPLE” brands such as RMNS, RJXF and RXL-21 low-voltage cabinets were officially installed in Belgium, Belarus, Argentina and other venues in Shanghai Expo Park. In July 2010, People Electric held a grand launching ceremony for the 34,000-ton “PolaPacific” bulk carrier. In October 2010, the internationalization strategy of People Electric reached a new level. Thai An Hydropower Station, built by People Electric and Thai An Hydropower Joint Stock Company, was officially completed and put into operation. In November 2010, China's first batch of naturally cooled on-load voltage regulating rectifier transformers came out in People Electric Jiangxi Power Transformer Co. Ltd., which flled the gap in this field of China. In January 2011, People Electric Hubei Headquarters Base Project officially started construction. In March 2011, People Electric invested 20 million yuan to build a "green corridor" and planted 2 million Taxus chinensis in Yandang Mountain area. In November 2012, China's Top 100 Electrical Appliances Enterprises List was released, and a total of 3 enterprises from People Electric were selected, including People Electric Appliance Group Co., Ltd., People Electric Zhejiang Branch, and People Electric Jiangxi Power Transformer Co. Ltd. In August 2013, People Electric was awarded the title of “Excellent Unit of China Reform” and Zheng Yuanbao, Chairman of the Group, was named as the '35th Outstanding Person in 35 Years of China's Reform'. In May 2014, the construction of Zhejiang Provincial Key Industrialization Project - People Electric High-tech Headquarters Industrial Park was officially started. In October 2014, People Electric's extra-large capacity transformer, one of its “ PEOPLE” brands, came on the market, which is one of the largest capacity transformers in domestic transformer industry. In August 2015, People Electric passed the acceptance of the “headquarters-type” two-in-depth integration project, and gradually moved from a traditional manufacturing enterprise to a modern enterprise featured with intelligence, informationization, digitalization, automation and modularization. In October 2015, the An Khanh Thermal Power Station in Vietnam generally contracted by People Electric was officially connected to the grid. People Electric has taken another step towards a comprehensive industrial solution provider with integrated equipment manufacturing capabilities, technical consulting service capabilities and engineering construction capabilities. In April 2016, People Electric was assessed as the “Demonstration Enterprise of Intelligent Manufacturing in China's Electric Appliance Industry” by China Electrical Equipment Industry Association. In April 2016, People Electric won the “2nd China Quality Prize Nomination Award”, becoming the only award-winning enterprise in Wenzhou this year. In May 2016, the foundation stone laying ceremony for People Electric's Intelligent Factory was held in Huheng, Liushi Town, and the project officially entered the construction stage. In June 2016, People Electric was awarded the title of “Demonstration Enterprise for Promoting Construction of the Belt and Road Initiative” in Zhejiang Province, and was personally awarded by Li Qiang, Deputy Secretary of Zhejiang Provincial Party Committee and Governor of the province, at the Investment and Trade Fair held by the provincial government in Ningbo on June 9. In August 2016, People Electric was awarded the honorary medal of “Wenzhou's Top 100 Honest Enterprises”. In August 2016, People Electric was awarded as one of the “China's Top 500 Machinery Enterprises” released in 2016 by China Machinery Enterprise Management Association (CMMA). In September 2016, People Electric was once again named as one of the “Zhejiang's Top 100 Enterprises” by Zhejiang Enterprise Confederation. In November 2016, People Electric was rated as “Grade AAA Enterprise” by China Electrical Equipment Industry Association. In November 2016, People Electric Intelligence Technology Research Institute was established, marking that the Group has entered an era of intelligence. In January 2017, People Electric won the title of “National Advanced Unit with Higher Customer Satisfaction for 2016”. In March 2017, People's Electrical Appliances Group won the honors of “China's Top 10 Enterprises Earning Foreign Exchange through Exports” and “China's Meritorious Enterprises with an Output Value of Over 1 Billion Yuan”. In April 2017, People Electric passed the renewal certification of “Zhejiang Provincial Credit Management Demonstration Enterprise” because of honest management and continuous strengthening of credit management. In May 2017, the isolation switch (re-evaluated) produced by People Electric was awarded the title of “Wenzhou's Famous-brand Product” by Wenzhou Municipal People's Government. In May 2017, the technology project of the Technology Center of People Electric Zhejiang Branch won the “Science and Technology Progress Award of Zhejiang Province” issued by the People's Government of Zhejiang Province. In June 2017, the major science and technology project led by People Electric in Zhejiang Province passed the acceptance of the panel of experts. In July 2017, People Electric held the “YINGLING” series product launch in the semi-annual management conference, marking the implementation and innovation of People Electric's future product strategic planning. In July 2017, the construction of People Electric High-tech Headquarters Industrial Park started in full swing. In August 2017, the PLM product lifecycle management project of People Electric Zhejiang Branch passed the acceptance. In August 2017, the major science and technology project titled “Complex Waveform Residual Current Protection Technology and Product Development” led by People Electric Zhejiang Branch in Yueqing City passed the acceptance. In August 2017, People Electric was again awarded the title of “Wenzhou's Top 100 Enterprises for 2017”. In December 2017, People Electric won the honorary title of “National Advanced Unit with Higher Customer Satisfaction”. In January 2018, People Electric was awarded the honorary titles of “Zhejiang Provincial Demonstration Enterprise of Manufacturing and Internet Integration Development” and “The First Batch of Cloud-Based Model Enterprises in Zhejiang Province in 2017”. In March 2018, People Electric's “PEOPLE” brand relay series products won the title of “Zhejiang Provincial Famous-brand Products” authorized by Zhejiang Provincial Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision and selected by Zhejiang Provincial Famous-brand Strategy Promotion Committee. In March 2018, People Electric was awarded the title of “Zhejiang Provincial Brand and Trademark Demonstration Enterprise”. In April 2018, People Electric held a grand ground-breaking ceremony for the Phase II High-tech Headquarters Industrial Park. In April 2018, People Electric passed the re-evaluation of the national “High-tech Enterprises”. In September 2018, a kind of AC contactor, which was an invention patent of People Electric Zhejiang Branch, won Zhejiang Provincial Patent Gold Award. In September 2018, the Provincial High-tech Enterprise Research and Development Center for Low-voltage Electric Appliances of People Electric Zhejiang Branch passed the certification of the Provincial High-tech Enterprise Research and Development Center. In October 2018, the construction of the OMO3 Sugar Plant Project in Ethiopia was successfully completed and put into operation. This marks successful cooperation between People Electric Shanghai Branch and China National Complete Plant Import & Export Corporation Limited, building a bridge between China and Africa. In November 2018, the foundation stone was laid for the People Electric Hefei Industrial Park project in Taohua Industrial Park, Feixi County, Hefei City. In December 2018, People Holding Group China's Central China Branch was grandly opened. In December 2018, People Electric Intelligent Electric Research Institute was recognized as a provincial enterprise research institute. In February 2019, Zheng Yuanbao, Chairman of People Electric, was honored as one of the most influential entrepreneurs in the 40 years of reform and opening up in Yueqing City. In April 2019, the Plant Rooftop Photovoltaic Power Generation Project in Hanoi, Vietnam, generally contracted by People Electric, was successfully connected to the grid. In September 2019, People Electric's invention patent for a DC circuit breaker was granted in America, which is called the “arc extinguishing structure for direct current circuit breaker”. In November 2019, the first "People Electric Excellent Staff Festival" was successfully launched by People's Electric. In December 2019, People Holding Group China reached a cooperation with Beijing Zhucheng Boxin National Defense Science and Technology Development Center to provide 6,500 patents with priority access during the cooperation period, including several patents for trillion-scale projects. In February 2020, People Electric actively responded to the call of the Party Central Committee and firmly assumed its social responsibility for the fight against the COVID-19 epidemic. We urgently collected the first batch of emergency supplies such as masks, protective suits and disinfectants, and delivered them to Jingmen City, Hubei Province through the Green Channel. In May 2020, People Electric Import and Export Company obtained the Business Licenses for Medical Devices (Class III), becoming the first enterprise with foreign trade qualification in Yueqing City qualified for import and export of medical devices. In October 2020, the General Office of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology announced the fifth batch of Green Manufacturers list, and the products of People Electric were on the list and won the honor of Green Products. In June 2021, as assessed by the World Brand Lab, the value of “ PEOPLE” brand hit a record high of 59.126 billion yuan, making it one of the 500 most valuable brands in China. In July, 021, a kind of DC circuit breaker was granted a Japanese invention patent. In August 2021, People Electric was again listed among China's Top 500 Machinery Enterprises. In September 2021, the photoelectric display project of People Holding Group China officially started construction in Lai'an County, Chuzhou City. In September 2021, People Electric was once again awarded as one of China’s Top 500 Enterprises and China’s Top 500 Manufacturers. In September 2021, People Electric was awarded as one of China's Top 500 Private Enterprises. In November 2021, People Electric High-tech Headquarters Industrial Park was officially completed and People Electric ushered in the 35th anniversary of its establishment. In December 2021, Zheng Yuanbao, Chairman of People Holding Group China, was elected as the Chinese Executive Chairman of RCEP Electrical Industry Cooperation Committee. In December 2021, People Electric was awarded as one of China‘s Top 500 Equipment Manufacturers.