The foreign aid Master’s research group of School of Economics, Renmin University of China visited

2023-06-27 20:20

On the afternoon of June 9, a research team from the School of Economics of Renmin University of China, led by Vice Dean Li Yong, came to the People's Group for research and exchange. Li Jinli, Secretary of the Party Committee of People's Electrical Appliances Group, and other leaders warmly received the research team.


The 33 international students in the research group are all from the Foreign Aid Master Program of the Ministry of Commerce of the School of Economics, Renmin University of China, and they come from 17 different countries in Africa and Asia. The investigation to People's Electrical Appliances Group was entrusted by the Ministry of Commerce to understand the development status of Wenzhou's electrical products and cutting-edge technologies, and to conduct constructive dialogues on international affairs and development prospects in this field.

The research team first visited the 5.0 Innovation Experience Center of the People's Group High-tech Headquarters Industrial Park and the Smart Workshop of People's Electric Appliances. Members of the research team took photos one after another. Say: "Amazing!" "Excellent!" "Crazy!"


At the subsequent symposium, members of the research team watched the promotional video of the People's Group, and Li Jinli, on behalf of the leaders of the People's Group, extended a warm welcome to Dean Li Yong and all members of the research team. He said that the People's Group is the first batch of enterprises in the reform and opening up. After 37 years of entrepreneurial development, it has become one of the top 500 enterprises in China and the top 500 machinery companies in the world. Now, under the leadership of Chairman Zheng Yuanbao, the People's Group has started its second venture, relying on People 5.0 as the strategic support, and embarking on a new and differentiated emerging road with new ideas, new ideas, new concepts, new ideas, and new models. The group will focus on the living economy, and make efforts in the five major industries of biomedicine and health industry, new material and new energy industry, artificial intelligence and Internet of Things industry, large agricultural industry, and aerospace industry, and actively promote the historical and cultural industry, light industry and the third Industrial development: Adhere to the coordinated development of the "five-chain integration" of industrial chain, capital chain, supply chain, block chain and data chain, organically integrate mathematical economy and digital economy, and strive to practice the concept of platform thinking, from China's top 500 to the world Top 500, make a national brand into a world brand.

On behalf of the School of Economics of Renmin University of China, Li Yong expressed his heartfelt thanks to the People Group for its reception. He said that this group of foreign master students are government officials from more than ten countries in Asia and Africa. They came to China to understand advanced industrial manufacturing technology and study enterprise management. The research team came here hoping that through this activity, these foreign trainees could go deep into the front line to see the real situation of Chinese enterprises with their own eyes, and provide them with practical cases in their study. At the same time, it is hoped that through this survey, the People's Group can get a close look at the current economic, market, industry, and resource information of these countries, and create more opportunities for the People's Group to "go overseas."

In the subsequent free interaction session, more than 10 foreign students conducted in-depth exchanges with the foreign trade expert team of the People's Group.

Foreign trainees from Ethiopia, Afghanistan, Cameroon, Syria and other countries asked whether the People's Group would have further plans and implementation ideas for granting product agency rights to Africa. They were also very curious about how the People's Group continued to operate and achieved such a large scale and achievement. During the conversation, they admired the impressive performance created by the People's Group and the outstanding contributions made by the leader of this large enterprise. They have a detailed understanding of the development plan of the People's Group in their country, and hope that the People's Group can invest in their country and provide assistance for their local infrastructure and people's employment. Chinese program.


Bao Zhizhou, director of the administrative center of People's Electric Appliances Group, and Daniel NG, vice president of sales of People's Electric Appliances Group Import and Export Company, participated in the discussion and interacted with foreign students.