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So broad to combine all just as the sea containing numerous rivers. We shall learn the spirit of “great form is beyond shape and contains multitudes” when behaving ourselves, working and running the enterprise. If we cannot control unbounded personality, we will meet many obstacles. Once making too many strong enemies, we will be involved into failures.
“Great sound is voiceless, great form is beyond shape. Advocating nature and coexistence” is a state and bearing held by an excellent enterprise, and also a cultural pursuit and value orientation that a national enterprise must own.





The organization needs to learn the pioneering spirit of the wolf: free and unconstrained, tough and strong; the enterprise needs to carry forward the team spirit of the wolf: staying realistic and pragmatic, being wholehearted for the team work.
We will obtain the persistent entrepreneurial spirit, steer the fierce market competition flexibly and tactfully, take the bull by the horns and become invincible only if we always keep the sense of crisis of “cry wolf”.





Every resource of the enterprise is like a single pearl, resource integration is to link every single pearl together by the most tension mainline, and let all pearls become a whole.

People Electric Appliance Group uses a strong brand power, scientifically integrates all kinds of valuable resources, to motivate the staff creativity, innovation and value, by using talents to the fullest, making the best use of everything and to do its best, the whole team is like pearl chain tightly connected and shining bright light around the world.





Employees are green leaves who complete the process of photosynthesis. Cadres at middle and high levels are stems who support the hope of growth. Board of directors is root that absorbs nutrients and moisture. The three are integrated to make the great tree soar above with luxuriant foliage for human benefits.
Work hand in hand to achieve win-win results and create lofty values. It is the soul of the corporate culture rooted in the hearts of the people that love the hearts of all people and gather the talents of the world.

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People electric serves for people

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